SMS Drips and Automations to Get the Most from Your Valentine’s Day Promotions

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Check out these SMS promos to drive holiday sales, and get ready to shower your audience with some love.

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SMS and Email Marketing: Complementary or Competitors?

SMS and email marketing undoubtedly have many similarities. Deciding which channel to use ultimately boils down to content, criticality, conversation, and choice.

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Stop Sending Overlooked Emails, Use Texting Instead

Your typical email communications strategy alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Is it even possible for companies to cut through the noise and reach their customers without breaking their budget? Yes, it...

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How to Gain Valuable Insights into Your DojoMojo Campaigns

One of the most important tools a marketer can have is one that can collect and assess data to measure the value of their efforts. How effective are my campaigns? Are they driving sales? What is the R...

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3 Marketing Techniques to Break Through the Clutter

Building an eCommerce company can be challenging enough – especially a branded eCommerce store in which you sell original products – but when it comes to marketing, an already challenging process ...


5 Tools to Improve Your Site’s SEO

When building a site, the first thing you come to learn is that three big letters will run your life: S. E. O. For the few who have yet to become acquainted, SEO, or search engine optimization is the ...

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Grow Revenue With Customer Segmentation

Do you remember the last time somebody whispered to you? You probably had the same reaction that the rest of us do. You stopped focusing on anything else, leaned in, cocked your head, and listened int...


Packaging Inserts Can Increase Sales

Expectations are a tough thing to manage. They’re personal and thus, vary widely. In the case of the customer, expectations can oscillate between ‘Show me the merch shop!’ and ‘How do I erase ...

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