Why Brands Are Bringing Ad Buying Back Home

In recent years, brands have started taking back control of their media buying and marketing efforts.

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5 Tools to Improve Your Site’s SEO

When building a site, the first thing you come to learn is that three big letters will run your life: S. E. O. For the few who have yet to become acquainted, SEO, or search engine optimization is the ...

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Try Swapping Content to Improve SEO

Exchanging links has been a tried and true SEO strategy for digital media brands since the beginning of… well, SEO strategy. In an effort to get new and increased traffic, sites can employ a “You ...


The Marketing Jungle: Amanda Giddon

In a new weekly feature, Data Dojo will ask prominent marketers 5 questions about their experiences with email marketing and sweepstakes hosted on DojoMojo. This week, we spoke with Amanda Giddon. Ama...

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