Case Study: How SmartTarget Helped Pet Wellness Brand Finn Boost Text CTR by 2.5x

Finn beta tested DojoMojo’s SmartTarget feature for SMS Marketing in an effort to optimize the process of qualifying SMS subscribers prior to sending text blasts.

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It’s Time to Turn Your Lead Nurturing on Autopilot (and Action Steps!)

With a drip, scale your marketing efforts with your audience growth while automating part of your sales process to convert precious leads into customers. 

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Stop Sending Overlooked Emails, Use Texting Instead

Your typical email communications strategy alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Is it even possible for companies to cut through the noise and reach their customers without breaking their budget? Yes, it...

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How Quip Hit the Bull’s-Eye by Partnering With Target

If you’re familiar with the Brooklyn-based electric toothbrush company Quip, it’s very possibly because of its partnership with Target. The retail giant has marketing partnerships with a number of...

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Protecting your campaigns with reCAPTCHA

Protecting your campaigns with reCAPTCHA DojoMojo has always strived to keep brands using DojoMojo safe from spam and fraudulent activity. Over the last year, we’ve taken active initiatives such as ...

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Share Images and Graphics on DojoMojo

Any successful campaign requires communication between each partner. Media plans, graphics, and other files all needed to be shared between partners, all of which used to result in long email chains ...

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Connect With Brands Over Messaging

Setting up and executing a sweepstakes campaign takes lots of organization and communication. Every step of the campaign process, from reaching out to partners to discussing prizing payouts, involves ...


4 tips to improve your Custom CTA

A Custom CTA (Call To Action) can supercharge your next giveaway campaign by pushing giveaway entrants towards your conversion funnel or a piece of content. The Custom CTA displays a clickable text bo...

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