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Case Study: How SMS Marketing Helped Purlisse Achieve a 6.9K ROAS

6.9K Return on total spend 154K Total SMS messages sent Founded by Jennifer Yen, Purlisse was created to bring a new approach to the beauty industry; one that combines the power of modern science and ...

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How to Use SMS at Different Stages of the Customer Journey

SMS is a powerful marketing tool that can be used at every point of the customer journey. See how to employ it throughout your marketing funnel.

SMS Marketing

How SMS Automations Take Your Text Message Marketing to the Next Level

Looking for a secret weapon when it comes to your SMS marketing strategy? Look no further than automations!

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How to Use SMS Marketing to Nurture Customer Relationships

Strong brands are built on strong customer relationships, and SMS can be a powerful tool in fostering those relationships.

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Why SmartTarget and AutoScrub Are Essential to Your SMS Strategy

We're excited to launch two new features — SmartTarget and AutoScrub — to help guide marketer's get the absolute most out of your SMS budget and SMS marketing performance.

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Case Study: How SmartTarget Helped Pet Wellness Brand Finn Boost Text CTR by 2.5x

Finn beta tested DojoMojo’s SmartTarget feature for SMS Marketing in an effort to optimize the process of qualifying SMS subscribers prior to sending text blasts.

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How to Personalize Text Messages for the Best Return on Your SMS Campaigns

When thinking about personalization, it’s easy to feel like it's merely a nice touch, but hardly necessary. It would be remiss to ignore the role of personalization in optimizing conversion rates.

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Must-Have SMS Automations to Put Your Sales on Autopilot

Automations are a crucial part of any SMS strategy, enabling marketers to optimize workflows and automate the process of interacting with customers on an ongoing basis.

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SMS Drips and Automations to Get the Most from Your Valentine’s Day Promotions

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Check out these SMS promos to drive holiday sales, and get ready to shower your audience with some love.

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