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How SMS Can Help Brands Improve Customer Retention and Drive More Revenue

You can have the best lead strategies in place, but without the right post-acquisition marketing tools, the customers you bring through the funnel can fall off just as quickly. 

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6 Post-Pandemic Marketing Tips for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Marketers must be prepared to employ new ideas and strategies in order to cater to a post-pandemic — yet, totally pandemic-informed — reality.

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It’s Time to Turn Your Lead Nurturing on Autopilot (and Action Steps!)

With a drip, scale your marketing efforts with your audience growth while automating part of your sales process to convert precious leads into customers. 

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Must-Have Templates to Welcome Your New SMS Subscriber

Like email marketing, you’ll want to send a welcome note to those who freshly joined your SMS marketing list. Welcome messages are important not only because it’s your first impression for new cus...

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SMS 101: Collecting Subscribers, and What To Do Once You Got Them

Thought about adding SMS marketing to your inbound strategy, but stopped short due to compliance constraints? We'll cover the top ways to start collecting phone numbers for your SMS marketing program....

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SMS and Email Marketing: Complementary or Competitors?

SMS and email marketing undoubtedly have many similarities. Deciding which channel to use ultimately boils down to content, criticality, conversation, and choice.

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Case Study: How SMS Marketing Helped EAROS Gain 5x Leads

With a single giveaway, DojoMojo helped EAROS grow leads by 5x 4K+ New email subscribers 700+ New SMS subsribers 15% Conversion rate 4.5x Return on ad spend EAROS creates high-fidelity hearing protect...

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes Before You Send Your First Text Marketing Message

As marketers, we always have to tread carefully around continually changing guidelines, regulations, and best practices, especially when you adopt a new channel to your marketing program.

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Stop Sending Overlooked Emails, Use Texting Instead

Your typical email communications strategy alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Is it even possible for companies to cut through the noise and reach their customers without breaking their budget? Yes, it...

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