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Case Study: How Kitchenware Brand Caraway Built a 100K Email List Before Launch

100K Total emails acquired in a 3-month period 10K Average NTF (new-to-file) emails per campaign 95 Unique newly-formed partnerships with brands Caraway is home goods brand on a mission to craft well-...

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How to Find a Marketing Partner That Will Work for You

So you’re ready to reach new audiences and expand your customer base, and you’re convinced of the benefits of partnership marketing. But how do you find the right partner?

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Case Study: How Sweepstakes Brought in 1.5mm Emails for Condé Nast

50 Total campaigns facilitated and managed 1.5mm Total emails acquired through sweepstakes 250+ Partners engaged with on the platform Condé Nast is one of America’s largest publishing companies, wi...

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How Quip Hit the Bull’s-Eye by Partnering With Target

If you’re familiar with the Brooklyn-based electric toothbrush company Quip, it’s very possibly because of its partnership with Target. The retail giant has marketing partnerships with a number of...

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3 Ways to Prepare for the Future With Partnership Marketing

As consumers’ interaction with technology changes, the digital marketing world is on the cusp of yet another significant shift, and brands that don’t adjust their tactics will no longer see profit...

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Partnership Marketing

You have likely seen examples of incredibly successful marketing partnerships. As a result, you may now be interested in partnership marketing, understanding its myriad benefits. And no wonder: It...


Will Partnership Marketing Work for Your Business?

If you’re wondering whether partnership marketing will work for you, the answer is a resounding yes. Provided, that is, you find a good partner and structure the right kind of pa...

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Winter is Coming: The Brilliance of Mountain Dew’s Partnership with HBO

Removing a brand label may be a risky move, but PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew made the calculated decision to do it for a partnership with HBO that in the run-up to Game of Thrones final season premiere. T...


Case Study: How Wanderfull Leveraged Advertising Opportunities in Half the Time

250K Email audience for paid ad in newsletter $1800 Cost of dedicated email campaign 4.1% CTR (click-through rate) on dedicated email send Founded by four world travelers, Wanderfull is an email newsl...

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