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A Comprehensive Guide to the Types of Partnership Marketing

Find a way to customize your strategy based on your brand’s needs.

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Partnership Marketing Is a Growth Strategy Where Everyone Wins

You’ve done it! You’ve managed to create a solid, organic customer base for your company. They’ve stayed with you through thick and th...

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How to Gain Valuable Insights into Your DojoMojo Campaigns

One of the most important tools a marketer can have is one that can collect and assess data to measure the value of their efforts. How effec...

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Case Study: How DojoMojo Elite Client 1440 Gained 365K Emails Through Partnerships

365K+ NTF (new to file) emails acquired through partnerships 120 Total qualified brands worked with as partners 20 Total campaigns facilitat...

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Case Study: How reBloom Attributed $146K in Revenue to DojoMojo Leads Through Shopify Insights

76 Total sweepstakes with well-aligned partners 607K Total NTF (new-to-file) emails acquired $146K Total sales revenue from DojoMojo-acquire...

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Case Study: How Crush Newsletter Went from 0–136K Emails Through Partnerships

136K NTF (new to file) emails acquired through sweepstakes 9 months Time to grow list from zero leads to over 100K 29 Total partners collabo...

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Why Direct Partnerships Are the Key to Reaching New Audiences

You are the company you keep. When it comes to branding and partnerships, this age-old adage couldn’t be more on the nose. In today’s de...

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Why Brands Are Bringing Ad Buying Back Home

In recent years, brands have started taking back control of their media buying and marketing efforts.

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