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3 Tips to Get Ready For the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is a crucial time for e-commerce brands to take advantage of additional consumer activity. Smart marketers recognize that holiday season strategy needs to be crafted well i...


3 Steps to Optimize Your Welcome Email

Start engaging with your audience right away


Add Video to Increase Your Marketing ROI

If you’re a small brand, you have an incredible opportunity to improve the return from your marketing by adding video. Many people think of video marketing as a luxury only the big brands can afford...


How to Optimize Your Email Drip Campaign

What’s a drip campaign? An email drip campaign is a series of emails designed to build a relationship with subscribers and convert them into an engaged audience.   Drips are also a powerful mar...


Case Study: How Wine Awesomeness Grew Social Following Nearly 6x with DojoMojo’s ‘Social Growth’ Feature

70.4K New social followers acquired across channels 489% Overall growth in social following across channels 34K New Instagram followers 24.9K New YouTube followers 23.5K New Twitter followers Wine Awe...

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Try Swapping Content to Improve SEO

Exchanging links has been a tried and true SEO strategy for digital media brands since the beginning of… well, SEO strategy. In an effort to get new and increased traffic, sites can employ a “You ...


3 Steps to Creating a Dedicated Email

A dedicated email is an email that promotes your giveaway campaign to your email distribution list. It’s called a dedicated email because the subject line and body of the email are entirely R...


Share Images and Graphics on DojoMojo

Any successful campaign requires communication between each partner. Media plans, graphics, and other files all needed to be shared between partners, all of which used to result in long email chains ...

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13 Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Ever been too embarrassed to ask what a certain word or acronym meant? Don’t worry, we won’t tell. This helpful guide provides the definitions to some common terms that any marketer regula...